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Chiropractic Clinic neck pain relief

Neck Pain Relief

Neck Pain Relief Through Chiropractic Care

Neck pain is an ailment frequently encountered and treated by chiropractors. According to a national survey by the National Institute of Health Statistics, neck pain ranks as the second most prevalent form of discomfort in the United States, closely following back pain and sharing the same standing with headaches and migraines. It's estimated that three-quarters of Americans will experience neck pain at some point in their lives.

With their expertise in the musculoskeletal system, chiropractors are the ideal healthcare providers to address issues associated with neck pain.

The Cervical Spine: The Backbone of Your Neck Health

The neck constitutes the cervical spine, a section of the spine encompassing the initial seven vertebrae, starting from the base of your skull at the C1 (atlas) vertebra and concluding at the thoracic spine. Among the three spinal curves, the cervical curve holds particular importance for overall spinal health. Any reduction or misalignment in this region can induce pain, headaches, migraines, stiffness, and more. It's noteworthy that it may take years for discomfort or other concerns to manifest, underscoring the critical nature of regular check-ups to preempt or delay potential health issues.

The Four Common Cervical Curves

Four distinct curvature types exist within the cervical spine, each identifiable through X-ray analysis. Our practitioners frequently encounter the following four curve variations:

  1. Lordotic Curve: This represents the healthy, standard curvature of the neck, approximately 42 degrees in an upright stance, akin to a "C" shaped curve opposing the direction of your nose.

  2. Hypolordotic/Alordotic: Denoting a diminished or absent curve in the neck, observable as a straight neck in X-ray imagery.

  3. Reverse Curve/Kyphotic: This is a detrimental reversal of the natural curve, connecting the thoracic and cervical curves.

  4. "S" Curve: The "S" curve is the most challenging to correct, involving both lordotic and kyphotic segments.


The Significance of the Cervical Curve

Spinal curvatures function as shock absorbers for various body parts. In the absence of proper curvatures, increased pressure is placed on the discs and joints. Imagine jumping off a ledge with locked knees; this replicates the kind of pressure your discs and joints undergo in the absence of a healthy cervical curve.

In addition to pressure, hypolordotic/alordotic, reverse curve/kyphotic, or "S" curves can provoke premature disc and joint space degeneration, potentially leading to neurological symptoms, early-onset arthritis, and joint fusion down the road.

Identifying and Restoring a Healthy Curve

To ascertain the presence of a healthy neck curve, a chiropractic evaluation is the most reliable approach. X-rays and physical examinations empower our chiropractors to diagnose the type of curve and prescribe the most effective treatment. Remember that pain often emerges as a late indicator of an issue. Even without immediate discomfort, undertaking preventive measures through regular spinal evaluations and adjustments is crucial.

Many of our patients experiencing neck pain and stiffness exhibit reduced neck curvature. Specific chiropractic adjustments, coupled with supportive exercises and therapies, are tailored to restore the ideal (lordotic) curve. Following the onset of treatment, numerous patients report improvements, including pain reduction or complete relief. Continuing care, even after symptom alleviation, is essential to ensure the restoration of a healthy curve over time.

Discover Relief with Chiropractic Care

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